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Residential Multiple Dwelling Certificate of Inspection
Property Information 
Parcel Location
Select the location from the parcel data to link this application to the map. This will complete the Block, Lot, Qual, Street Address and Owner Information below. 

How many dwelling units in the structure will be inspected on the same date and time?

This is used to calculate the inspection fee.

Unit # # of Bedroom in the Unit to be Inspected
Unit # # of Bedroom in the Unit to be Inspected
Current Property Owner 
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Structure and Closing Date 
NOTE: If the application is received five (5) or less business days prior to the occupancy date, the fees will be increased by $50.00 for each required inspection. If an inspection is requested during non-business hours, an additional fee of $150.00 for up to two hours (and $100.00 per hour or fraction of an hour after that) will apply.
Structure Information      
Multiple Dwelling Registration Number 
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