This application is for annual permits and specialized work permits.
All permits relating to an special event must fill out the special event application.
The Mount Laurel Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is dedicated to the safety of all citizens and to the efficiency of well-planned and executed events. As a host of Public functions, you are also well aware that safety must remain foremost in your efforts. We look forward to working with you to ensure safety for your patrons, customers and employees. We believe communication is the key to successful relationships, and hope that the following information, which addresses our common goal of public safety through permits and floor plan approvals, is one component of that communication.

The following list are parameters in which permits are required, but is not limited by this list:
  • The use of a torch or flame-producing device to remove paint from, or seal membrane roofs on, any building or structure;
  • The use of any open flame or flame-producing device, in connection with any public gathering, for purposes of entertainment, amusement, or recreation;
  • The possession or use of explosives or blasting agents, other than model rocketry engines regulated under N.J.A.C. 12:194;
  • The storage or handling of class I flammable liquids in closed containers of aggregate amounts of more than 10 gallons, but not more than 660 gallons inside a building, or more than 60 gallons, but not more than 660 gallons outside a building.
  • The storage or handling of class II or IIIA combustible liquids in closed containers of aggregate amounts of more than 25gallons, but not more than 660 gallons inside a building, or more than 60 gallons, but not more than 660 gallons outside abuilding.
  • Any permanent cooking operation that requires a suppression system in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:70-4.7(g) and is not defined as a life hazard use in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.4.
  • Bowling lane resurfacing and bowling pin refinishing involving the use and application of flammable liquids or materials;
  • Fumigation or thermal insecticide fogging;
  • Storage outside of buildings of LP-gas cylinders when a part of a cylinder exchange program.
  • Industrial processing ovens or furnaces operating at approximately atmospheric pressures and temperatures not exceeding1,400 degrees Fahrenheit which are heated with oil or gas fuel or which contain flammable vapors from the product being processed;
  • Wrecking yards, junk yards, outdoor used tire storage, waste material handling plants, and outside storage of forest products not otherwise classified; or
  • Storage or use at normal temperature and pressure of more than 2,000 cubic feet of flammable compressed gas or 6,000 cubic feet of nonflammable compressed gas;
  • The production or sale of cryogenic liquids; the storage or use of more than 10 gallons of liquid oxygen, flammable cryogenic liquids or cryogenic oxidizers; or the storage of more than 500 gallons of nonflammable, non-toxic cryogenic liquids;
  • The storage, handling, and processing of flammable, combustible, and unstable liquids in closed containers and portable tanks in aggregate amounts of more than 660 gallons;
  • To store or handle (except medicines, beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics, and other common consumer items, when packaged according to commonly accepted practices):
    • (1)More than 55 gallons of corrosive liquids;
    • (2)More than 500 pounds of oxidizing materials;
    • (3)More than 10 pounds of organic peroxides;
    • (4)More than 500 pounds of nitromethane;
    • (5)More than 1,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate;
    • (6)More than one microcurie of radium not contained in a sealed source;
    • (7)More than one millicurie of radium or other radiation material in a sealed source or sources;
    • (8)Any amount of radioactive material for which a specific license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is required; or
    • (9)More than 10 pounds of flammable solids.
  • The melting, casting, heat treating, machining or grinding of more than 10 pounds of magnesium per working day.